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Fast Hangover Therapy

Look to cure a hangover? We’ve got you covered with our Hangover IV Therapy, we even come to your home or office. Find out more and book online.

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IV Therapy Right At Home

Take extra special care of your body with IV infusions that can help keep you looking great after a long week.

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24/7 Professional Mobile IV Service

Maintain the energy and focus levels you need to finish that big project or conquer your next meeting.

Our Premium Mobile IV Therapy makes it easy to get the vitamin or hydration therapy you need right in your home, office, or your hotel.

To get started, select from our Mobile IV Menu below:

The Works

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Hangover IV

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Immune Boost

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Pre-Workout IV

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Migraine IV

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Biotin IV

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Detox IV

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Vitamin B Infusion

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Hydration IV

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Add an Intramuscular Injection To Your Mobile IV Appointment

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According to several studies, many of us are vitamin and mineral deficient. Therefore, vitamin injections are an excellent method to regain your health.

Click here to see all of the IM Injections we offer.

About our Mobile IV Therapy

Alpha IV is one of South Florida’s top-rated and fastest-growing Mobile IV Therapy providers. 

Our mobile IV team members are registered nurses and paramedics with years of experience administering IVs. Our IV treatments help people take advantage of the benefits of intravenous hydration and vitamin therapy.  

We now serve the surrounding areas of Palm Beach Gardens, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami with our IV Concierge service.

IV Therapies can help with a variety of issues. And they may also help cure a hangover by providing much-needed comfort and hydration. Our experienced staff takes pleasure in keeping you healthy and exceeding your expectations.

Don’t Just Take Our Word, See What Our Clients Are Saying…

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“Amazing service, and I didn’t have to leave my home!”

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Extremely helpful and quick to respond! I was sick with food poisoning and this IV saved me!! It was quick and painless, I will definitely be using Alpha IV again. Thank you!

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I reached out to Alpha IV for a next-day appointment, and they made it happen. Super responsive. Professional. Convenient.

Alpha IV Quick FAQ

How Does The Alpha IV Mobile IV Concierge Work?

We’ll meet you at home, in the office, or (if you’re visiting) at a hotel. Furthermore, our highly trained and experienced staff will work with you to get the most out of your appointment.

How Long Does a Mobile Session Take?

IV therapy typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes. However, some IV vitamin therapy or infusions may take a little longer.

How Do I Book A Mobile IV Therapy Appointment?

You can easily book your Mobile IV Therapy appointment online. Additionally, you can book by calling or texting us at (954) 254-2113.

Do You Offer Group Mobile IV Therapy Sessions?

Yes, we offer group sessions. When you book an appointment, add a message that there will be others joining you. Then, we will reach out to you to confirm the details.

Does Alpha IV Have a Physical Office?

No, Alpha IV does not have an office in Boca Raton. Our Mobile IV Concierge service will come to you.